Products Overview

Dependable Vacuums Plus Inc. in Regina, SK offers surefire solutions to banish dirt and debris from your home or building. Our central vacuum systems remove dirt through tubing installed within the walls of your home to a collection container in the vacuum power unit.
We carry Central Vacuum products from BEAM and Electrolux, two of the vacuum industry’s most trusted and recognized brands.

Vacuuming Made Convenient

Portable vacuum cleaners have evolved over the last century, from the first patent in 1901 to today’s HEPA-filtered, ultra quiet units. At Dependable Vacuums Plus Inc. in Regina, SK, we offer a selection of portable and stick units that are convenient to use.
Portable units allow you to bring them to another house, apartment, or even your summer home. Moreover, upright vacuum cleaners are ideal for homes with a lot of carpets. This type of vacuum cleaner is widely used in continental Europe and certain areas in the US.

BEAM Central Vacuum Systems

brandNothing to Sneeze At  

BEAM central vacuums are often recommended by allergists because of the systems’ ability to remove significant quantities of dirt, dust, pollen and pet dander from the home.

Noise-Free Cleaning

BEAM offers you a quiet way to clean. Because the motor is away from your living areas, you can vacuum without disturbing anyone’s activities or sleep.

Efficient Cleaning

BEAM built-in vacuums contain a high-efficiency motor that has 50% more suction power, providing effective deep cleaning.

Lightweight Control

With BEAM, vacuuming becomes light housekeeping, not a weightlifting exercise. Our ergonomic tools allow you to move easily from floor to ceiling to the top of the stairs.

The BEAM Alliance

  • Steel Construction
  • 650 and 700 Air Watts
  • 15-Year Warranty on Electrical Components
  • Lifetime Warranty on Body

The BEAM Alliance machine is the latest innovation in the company’s over 60-year history of developing Gold-Standard central vacuum systems. In 2013, BEAM Central Vacuums were rated #1 in the “Quality” and “Brand Specified Most” categories by Builder Magazine. They were also the recipient of the PlusX Award for Best Product of the Year 2013 and winner of the Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award.

Combine the BEAM Alliance with an Alliance PowerTeam to put the control at your fingertips. There are 4 levels of variable motor speed control and feedback from the vacuum cleaner to let you know if it needs attention – like when it’s time to empty the dirt receptacle! The display on the vacuum indicates the specific item that needs attention.
When you want the best, you want a BEAM.

BEAM Serenity

  • Steel Construction
  • 550, 600, 680 and 1000 Air Watts
  • 10-Year Warranty

BEAM Serenity is the heart and soul of clean. When you install a Beam Central Cleaning System in your home, you are confident in knowing that you are getting the finest central vacuum made. Bring this fresh idea right into your house.

beam serenity vacuums





Electrolux – Thinking of you

Electrolux offers easy-to-understand functionality that benefits everyone who cares about their health and a clean home. These incomparable central vacuums offer:

  • ABS Construction
  • 600-700 Air Watts
  • 10-Year Warranty

This central vacuum – innovative, efficient, and quiet by design – will fit your needs.

With our portable Electrolux units, you can turn a tiresome chore into an effortless activity.

Electrolux is a worldwide leader in home and commercial appliances, selling more than 40 million products to 150 countries every year. They are known for their design and product development, powering households and businesses across the globe with innovation.
We take pride in being the exclusive sales center for Electrolux in the area. Our models come in both canister and upright styles, are well-designed, and have innovative features. We guarantee that your cleaning sessions will be as light as a breeze the minute you switch to any of our portable or stick units.

Parts & Accessories

Dependable Vacuums store frontHaving a broken hose or missing piece in your vacuum cleaner can surely disrupt your daily cleaning schedule. Dependable Vacuums Plus Inc. is here to make sure that you can proceed with your chores as soon as possible.
Our store in Regina, SK carries a full range of vacuuming accessories such as belts, bags, filters, and hoses. We service most makes and models of vacuum cleaners.


We stock a huge selection of vacuum bags to fit almost any model of vacuum. If we don’t have the one you need, we’ll order it for you. We’ve got you covered when it comes to belts and filters as well.


Everything from blinds, to stairs, to that spot under the fridge – to our furry friends — gets dirty sometimes. We stock the attachments you’ll need to clean almost anything fast and efficiently.

mother and daughter playing on clean carpetCLEANING PRODUCTS

Here at Dependable Vacuum Plus, we want your home to be sparkling clean and smelling fresh. On top of our basic accessories, we also sell a broad array of cleaning agents and sanitizers to complement the cleaning tools you have at home.
They contain scientifically proven ingredients that can effectively scrub and wash away even the smallest traces of dust or dirt. Disinfect every corner of your home today, from the living room carpet up to the bathroom sink.
We also value the health of everyone in your household.

Services Overview

Dependable Vacuums store frontDependable Vacuums Plus Inc. strives to deliver exceptional results every time. We want every customer to be absolutely satisfied with our services, whether they are purchasing a cleaning system or having their vacuum unit repaired. We service and repair most vacuum makes and models in-house. Our Repair Technician has over 25 years of experience in the vacuum industry. If anyone can fix it, he can! 

In line with our commitment to excellent service, we ensure that all the work we do is registered with a warranty. This allows us to fix any issues that may arise in the future. We also provide commercial quotes. Please submit your building plans as well as the dimensions for takeoff.

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New home renovations

Having your house renovated is always a wonderful transformation. You get to maximize your lot area, add some amenities you’ve been dreaming of, and further beautify the aesthetics – much to the envy of your neighbours! There are also other improvements that can be made, specifically on functionality and value.
young couple and dog on couch
Dependable Vacuums Plus Inc. in Regina, SK can help you add something useful as you recreate your dream home from scratch. We can design and install a built-in cleaning system that will benefit you and your family in a variety of ways.

Your whole household will be breathing nothing but pure oxygen, as our vacuuming system thoroughly eliminates dirt and allergens. Also, it’s easy to use and is virtually noiseless, which means you can listen to the chirping of the birds and the sound of rain while cleaning.

Central Vacuum Installation

contact heroWe perform complete installations and rough-ins for central vacuums in both new and used homes. All materials are available in our store for purchase if you prefer to do it yourself. Contact us today to find out more.

Repairs & Service Calls

In-house service calls are available by appointment. Our warm and friendly sales team members will be more than happy to assist you.

Vacuum Repairs
No appointment necessary. We repair nearly all makes and models of vacuum cleaners. Bring in the full assembly so that we can accurately diagnose and fix all potential issues. Free estimates provided!

How to Size up a Central Vacuum
First, you’ll have to estimate the number of inlets you’ll have. Although the entire tubing system is leak-proof, the inlets are mechanical points where air leaks can occur. The total number can determine the size of the machine.
As a rule of thumb, 1 inlet is needed for every 1,000 square feet of house area. Include any sweep inlets and other connected accessories you plan to have. Don’t forget the basement!

The second step is to estimate the length of pipe you’ll need. Extended runs require extra vacuum cleaner capacity. For most installations, this isn’t a problem. Most central vacuums can handle up to 200 feet of pipe without any trouble.

Home Vacuum Apprasial

Our team can visit you at home and provide you with an estimate of the total cost. Alternatively, you may also bring a layout of your property so that we won’t have to conduct a house visit.

Top Name Brands

We carry products from several of the vacuum industry’s leading brands – and we’re Regina’s only authorized BEAM and Electroluxdealer.

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