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Vacuuming Made Convenient

Portable vacuum cleaners have evolved over the last century, from the first patent in 1901 to today’s HEPA-filtered, ultra quiet units. At Dependable Vacuums Plus Inc. in Regina, SK, we offer a selection of portable and stick units that are convenient to use.

Portable units allow you to bring them to another house, apartment, or even your summer home. Moreover, upright vacuum cleaners are ideal for homes with a lot of carpets. This type of vacuum cleaner is widely used in continental Europe and certain areas in the US.


Electrolux is a worldwide leader in home and commercial appliances, selling more than 40 million products to 150 countries every year. They are known for their design and product development, powering households and businesses across the globe with innovation.

We take pride in being the exclusive sales center for Electrolux in the area. Our models come in both canister and upright styles, are well-designed, and have innovative features. We guarantee that your cleaning sessions will be as light as a breeze the minute you switch to any of our portable or stick units.


With our portable Electrolux units, you can turn a tiresome chore into an effortless activity.
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