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Extensive Vacuuming Solutions

Dependable Vacuums Plus Inc. in Regina, SK offers surefire solutions to banish dirt and debris from your home or building. Our central vacuum systems remove dirt through tubing installed within the walls of your home to a collection container in the vacuum power unit.

We carry Central Vacuum products from BEAM and Electrolux, two of the vacuum industry's most trusted and recognized brands.

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The Built-In Advantage

Nothing to Sneeze At  

BEAM central vacuums are often recommended by allergists because of the systems’ ability to remove significant quantities of dirt, dust, pollen and pet dander from the home.

Noise-Free Cleaning

BEAM offers you a quiet way to clean. Because the motor is away from your living areas, you can vacuum without disturbing anyone’s activities or sleep.


Efficient Cleaning

BEAM built-in vacuums contain a high-efficiency motor that has 50% more suction power, providing effective deep cleaning.

Lightweight Control

With BEAM, vacuuming becomes light housekeeping, not a weightlifting exercise. Our ergonomic tools allow you to move easily from floor to ceiling to the top of the stairs.

The BEAM Alliance

  • Steel Construction
  • 600, 650, and 700 Air Watts
  • 15-Year Electrical Warranty

The BEAM Alliance machine is the latest innovation in the company's 55-year history of developing Gold-Standard central vacuum systems. In 2013, BEAM Central Vacuums were rated #1 in the “Quality” and “Brand Specified Most” categories by Builder Magazine. They were also the recipient of the PlusX Award for Best Product of the Year 2013 and winner of the Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award.

Combine the BEAM Alliance with an Alliance PowerTeam to put the control at your fingertips. There are 4 levels of variable motor speed control and feedback from the vacuum cleaner to let you know if it needs attention - like when it's time to empty the dirt receptacle! The display on the vacuum indicates the specific item that needs attention.

When you want the best, you want a BEAM.

BEAM Serenity

  • Steel Construction
  • 550, 600, 680 and 1000 Air Watts
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 10-Year Warranty

BEAM Serenity is the heart and soul of clean. When you install a Beam Central Cleaning System in your home, you are confident in knowing that you are getting the finest central vacuum made. Bring this fresh idea right into your house.

  • ABS Construction
  • 600-700 Air Watts
  • 10-Year Warranty

Electrolux offers easy-to-understand functionality that benefits everyone who cares about their health and a clean home. This central vacuum - innovative, efficient, and quiet by design - will fit your needs.

Electrolux – Thinking of you.

Home Vacuum Appraisal

Our team can visit you at home and provide you with an estimate of the total cost. Alternatively, you may also bring a layout of your property so that we won’t have to conduct a house visit.

Remove every trace of dust from your home without even making a sound. Call us at 306-525-0916.